Have You Been Born Again?


My intention with this blog post is to make you doubt your salvation, question your security, and get you to believe that you are not a Christian. It is also my intention by the end of this post that you will not doubt, question, or disbelieve whether or not you are saved. There is a method to the madness.

Believing there is a God will not save you.

Praying to God will not save you.

Tithing will not save you.

Voting Republican (or Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Whatever) will not save you.

Doing good deeds will not save you.

Being an American will not save you.

Being nice will not save you.

Having a good heart will not save you.

Feeling emotional and loving God will not save you.

Trying your best will not save you.

If all of these things could save you, you could have done this on your own, and Jesus would not need to have died.

And so I ask you a simple question.

Have you been born again? Have you received the new birth? Do you know what that is?



5 Ways Christians Fail to Show Compassion


You're nearly a pariah in Christian circles. You're suffering, and the church doesn't know how to handle it. Some say they'll pray, and you're not sure they mean it, and others will tell you that God won't give you more than you can handle. Others expect you to act super spiritual and some will judge your every move to see if you're handling your trial properly. It's time we had the discussion on some of the ways in which Christians show a lack of compassion.



Keeping a Good Home Doesn't Mean Making Everbody Miserable


You don't mean to do it. You hear it in your voice, you sound like that shrill shew you never thought you would be. You're snippety with everyone for not keeping up the image of the ideal home.

You're stressed out.


You're not enjoying this.

You're like Martha snapping at Jesus while complaining about her sister Mary for not doing enough to help out around the house. You might even think you're more spiritual than everyone else because of your efforts, but nobody likes being belittled in front of others.

And you know that no one else is enjoying this either. No one thanks you for keeping the bric-a-brac spotlessly shined, nobody cares whether your china has matching cups, and nobody frets over the endless details that you worry about.


5 Reasons To Stop Decrying Modern Worship Music



A warrior poet king danced in the street, as the musicians struck up a beat with drums and their instruments of ten strings. The music was hot, but someone was displeased. His wife, looking on from an upstairs window, disdained the celebration and was embarrassed of her husband the king, and God struck her with barrenness.

Not everyone is pleased with worship music, and scarcely a week can go by without me seeing a blog post or hearing the sentiment that modern worship music is ruining the church. As a musician, singer, and writer of, ahem, modern music, here are 5 reasons we should pause before declaring the destruction of the modern church is at hand because of Contemporary Christian music.



I Don't Want To Be A Good Wife



Eve was in the garden and a slithering serpent came unto her, saying that she could be wise and that her eyes would be open. The devil said she could become like God knowing good and evil. She could do something extraordinary and become someone of value. Perhaps, she just thought for a moment that she would become of greater value to Adam. Perhaps she thought it was something that she needed when she already had it all. And in the moment she bit into that apple, she fell, we fell, you and I fell. Humankind fell.

She didn't become a good wife.



Fight Like A Girl



Being a Christian isn't for sissies. And there is this misconception that it is the men who will do all the fighting. Not so, my friend. This just isn't so. It takes guts to stand up for a way of life that the forces of hell are opposed to.




What Stay-At-Home Moms Really Want



There is a heart-cry among those of us with children, whether they be young women or older, and it comes out in various ways. You'll hear well-meaning women and men count off the long list of chores that a woman completes and tally its financial value, its significance, if you will. 

You'll hear stay-at-home moms implore us to believe that they 'really work' and that they're not sitting at home eating bonbons. As if anyone who has ever had children believes that there are really such spare moments. 


I'm Supposed to Love These Jerks?


I read in the Bible that it says we're supposed to love. Sounds great in theory, but in practice?

That means the jerk in line ahead of me who can't make up his mind what he wants.

That means the jerk that cuts me off in traffic. And I hate being cut off in traffic.

That means the jerk that rubs me the wrong way and doesn't know his way around a toothbrush.

That jerk.

Those jerks. 

These jerks.




The Unspoken Message


I've had the unsettling experience lately of trying to figure some things out regarding my 'image'. It isn't unsettling because of the reasons you might think but because of the things I've learned as a result. 

God has been calling me to some new things that are beyond the scope of anything I've ever done before, and I've had to consider how I 'look' to others. I've been learning some things about marketing too. All new stuff to me. And interesting.

So in this process, it's occurred to me that the way in which we react to people is not always based on God's truth as found in the word of God. If it's true for me, it's probably true for you too.



Grab Fear by the Throat


We Christians know very well how to mean to follow Jesus. We know how to go to church, study, and say our prayers. We know how to do safe and how to follow without going overboard. We mean well, but freeze up when out in the wilderness and the burning bush of God's calling meets face to face with our fear. Er...I mean, with us. It meets with face to face with us. But really it meets our fears.  

But God, they won't like me.

But God, they won't believe you spoke to me.

But God, my pant size is too big.

But God, they might know that I'm a fraud.

But God, I don't have the skills.

But God, the kids are still small.

But God, the mortgage.

But God, the people will think the wrong thing. 

But God, my butt is too big. 

All of which is saying: But God, I am afraid. 



Santa Is A Lie


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Santa is a lie. Before you chop off my head, let me ask you a few questions.



10 Things A Wife Needs From A Husband


We hear a lot these days about what a husband and wife need from each other. It is good to keep in mind that all are fallible humans who are doing the best they can in this fragile institution called marriage. It is only with God entwined in our lives that the three-fold cord of matrimony can truly hold up under the pressures of this world.

That being said, this list is pulled from scripture and not from my own imagination. I believe there could be more things added to the list, but for now, these are ten things a wife needs from her husband. 



The Bravest Thing You'll Ever Do


This post is about shutting out the voices and listening to God. Don't think that's the bravest thing you could ever do? Read on.

There are a plethora of voices out there demanding equal attention for our time, talents, and resources. Shutting them out means you can better hear that still small voice.

Are you brave enough to accept all that that means?



Stand Your Ground


In today's world, it's important that we stand our ground as Christians. The world will try to push us further and further down the slippery slope of compromise. It's important that we stand our ground.

There are a couple ways to do that. One is to build our lives on the word of God. The Bible says that the winds and the rains came upon the houses built on the rock and on the sand, but that the one build on the rock withstood the storm. Building your house on the rock means following the commands of Jesus and eschewing the ways of the world. It means standing your ground.





Don't Judge Me


Someone was about to do something very wrong. Someone else went into warn them,risking his own life. Their response? Don't judge me.

Perhaps you know the story. The town of Sodom was wicked and violent. A righteous man named Lot lifted up his voice to heaven in an outcry against them. God decided He had had enough and that the time for judgment had come. But first, he was going to spare Lot and his family.



Don't Overlook the Wounded on Your Way to Church




Jesus never once chided the Pharisees because they didn't read their Bibles. That was never their problem. They had read their Bible, searching the scriptures. The scribes were lawyers versed in the law of Moses. To say they knew their Bible would be an understatement. John 5:39 says, 

"You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me,"


If You're Spending Thanksgiving With Jerks


If you are spending thanksgiving with jerks, then this one is for you.

Some of you have been dreading this twice-annual gathering of family long-since moved out and grown up. You're not looking forward to the political talk or the questions from relatives about your life nor are you wanting to face those age-old insecurities that come creeping back once you're in the same room with your siblings.

I understand.




Following Jesus Is Not Easy But Worth It


There is a trend in modern Christianity to want to make disciples, and this is well and good. It is a noble intent to do so. The Bible says we are supposed to make disciples. What we often do in our zeal to make these disciples is to paint following Jesus as a grand adventure filled with fun and purpose. 

Don't get me wrong.

Following Jesus will likely be the grandest adventure you can ever go on. In doing so, you will find your purpose. It, however is not a laugh a minute, nor is it a cakewalk. You won't have crowds cheering you at every turn and more often than not, you will find yourself alone.



Not Everyone Is Going To Like You


You can't believe the naysayers, critics and scoundrels who would oppose you. You just can't. And there are several reasons for this.

One is that not everyone is going to like you. No matter your accomplishments or your intentions, someone is going to take fault with you. When Jesus Christ came to this earth, people took offense left and right. Why? Because they felt threatened. And because they loved not the truth. And Because they loved darkness and now that Jesus had come they had no cloak for their sin. The Bible also says that they delivered Jesus up to Pontius Pilate due to envy.



This Is The Important Work


I approach this piece cautiously and not as a bludgeon with which to beat others. It is not intended as a comparison to what other people do, nor is it a treatise on the virtue of stay-at-home mothers over those who go to a job. It is about something which I have noticed in my journey through motherhood.



The Great Sadness


Have you ever had people insinuate that because you're saved you cannot experience deep, long lasting sadness? Have you ever felt the conversation of sadness gets shut down or like you have to pretend you have it all together because of others' reactions? Does it seem like our conversations of sadness are shut down prematurely because of others' insistence that we can't be sad because we have Jesus? Have you ever been afraid of being judged?

I take a pill similar to the purple pill but still have heartburn if I'm not careful with what I eat. It would be a fallacy to claim I will never again experience heartburn because I take a pill. What it does indicate, however, is that there are other factors at play.



Are You Willing To Wrestle The Bear?


If you want to do great things with God, perhaps you've got to wrestle a bear.

Imagine this. David is sitting out in the field minding his business and tending his sheep. A bear comes along, and he has a decision to make. Does he fight or does he get out of there? It is his job to be the shepherd, but tending to sheep is not without its perils.



Jesus And The Man Who Ate Locusts


I live a very austere life. I don't listen to secular music, watch television or watch secular movies. I spend my time listening for God's voice, tucked away from people. My connections are mostly online and at the gospel shows where I sing. I write songs and blog posts, commentary and thoughts on people, the Bible, and the world. Such is the life God has carved out for me. I have trouble with public speaking; I need time alone immersed in my thoughts to write well. It's how I was designed. I speak, but in hushed tones and I sometimes fade into the background. I tend to have health problems, but am disciplined with money and food and am temperate with these things. 

Enter Joe, my husband. He is loud, brash and laughs often. His hair is kind of wild and he doesn't shy away from what life has to offer. He loves God with a passionate love and follows where He leads, which everyday, is into a prison complex. It's a scary place most of us will never see. He sees violence and fighting, boredom and mayhem, a mixture between the two world of nothingness and gory bedlam. He never sits still. He eats and drinks enough for three or four people and he is strong like an ox. He never met a cheeseburger he didn't like. 



I Saw Jesus Sleeping On A Park Bench


I saw Jesus on the street corner today, He was open air preaching. I find it annoying that He makes me feel guilty if I don't help out in some way. I'm not a fanatic.

I saw Jesus asking for money for a missions trip to a foreign land and I wonder why He has to get help with His projects if He can't afford to to do them. I'd like to go to church and not be bothered with His trifles.

Jesus asked me whether I would buy bracelets from new believers over in Africa who have been rescued from human trafficking and I truly balked. It's too much money, I have too much stuff and I'd rather they hocked their wares to people with more money.




Are You Building An Ark?


Looking for applause and for feedback is often a natural response for us. Since the time we're little, we look for a reaction on mom and dad's face as an indicator of how well we're doing at something. The sound of silence is never a welcome reaction. It leaves us off-kilter wondering if we've done something wrong.

Enter ministry. Or reality. Or following after God and going after His great adventure. Imagine the people not understanding. Or helping. Or walking alongside you. Can you imagine how lonely it can be?

Or perhaps you don't have to imagine. Perhaps, like the Apostle Paul you've walked into a situation knowing full well it would lead to danger, but still were surprised to find yourself all alone. Or misunderstood. Perhaps those who know you best and love you most have doubted whether you have God's call on your life. Perhaps you're blinking back tears as you read this.



God Is In Control -- But Things Don't Just Happen


We've surely heard the chorus by now that God is in control. And thank God that He is. That, however, does not mean that things just happen. It would be like saying that God is in control and that therefore nobody has to go to work, because, you know, God is in control. Or like deciding to never again make your bed, because God is in control.

Bad things can still happen even though God is in control. These things are sometimes consequences, either for bad decisions or for lack of action. Still, there are unforeseen troubles that come upon on, persecution, or results due to the negligence or cruelty of others. God's sovereignty is never a guarantee of an easy path. After all, Jesus said:



Jesus Inc.


We must be careful how we operate our ministries. Christianity is not a business and it should not operate like one. As ministers of the gospel we must beware of a certain trap and that is what I am writing on today.



The Grammar And Punctuation Of Jesus


I've been reading a grammar book, which I'll admit is no easy task. Not because I abhor reading, but because, pencil and note cards in hand, I'm actually trying to learn this thing. I'm trying to fulfill a task which is all but impossible. I need to learn bout pejoratives, modifiers, clauses, dangling participles, and you name it, I'm scribbling it down, desperately trying to commit it to memory with the aid of orange note cards.

I have a goal in sight.



When You Feel Like A Loser Parent


I had a poor parenting experience the other day. My baby would not stop tantruming. And while this is something she does at home, I loathe for other people to see it. I feel it labels me with a neon sign that says 'loser parent'. And it's not the first time this has happened. 



Loving People Straight Into Hell


Speaking from the Bible can be dangerous. People are bound to be upset. The things you may do or say which come out of this book are bound to offend and people will be offended by God. I don't like it, but that is just the way it is.



Adventures In Self-Sabotage


Have you ever gone most of the way in order to do something either for yourself or for God, that you weren't quite able to bring to completion for reasons entirely psychological? Have you ever endeavored to walk a path for God, been led of Him to do something, only to bring yourself to failure for no apparent reason?

I've been knocking my head against this one for some time and I absolutely know there is such a thing as a fear of success. God has lined things up for me at times where all I've had to do is make a phone call and yet I have faltered. Let me see if you can relate.


Christians: Listen To Your Gut


Have you ever gotten that gnawing feeling that you ought not have anything to do with a particular person or situation? Have you ever ignored that feeling because the Bible says we ought to love those who hate us? It is true that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, but what is also true is that we must rightly divide the word of truth. A scripture passage we often ignore says this:



What We're Neglecting To Do Before We Give Praise


Imagine this: You see the lady in church who is going through a hard time. She breathes heavy, and she swallows hard. She wants to publicly ask for prayer. She knows there is an expectation of self-sufficiency and of not wallowing in self-pity. She is hurting and the tears spring easily to the corner of her eye.

Her request goes something like this: I am asking for prayer for x, y, and, z and for insert dramatic situation here and would appreciate it if you would pray. Praise God, He is so good and can be trusted'. End prayer request. Everyone is happy, Mrs. So-and-so is devout and yet, well aware that we are not a people who wallow.



I Swear!


How many times you have heard someone say, 'I swear to God'?

Oftentimes people will take an already emphatic declarative statement and beef it up with an, 'I swear' or an 'I swear to God'. Then there are those who will swear on something sacred, like their mother's grave or on their father's honor. I'm sure mom and dad appreciate that.


Why We Must Show The Love Of Christ To Jerks


I was such a jerk. I had no natural affection. I wasn't kind. I wasn't loving. I was puffed up and  braggadocious. I stayed to myself and when I did speak, I said something nasty. The year was 1992. I was visiting family in Mexico City and had determined I would have nothing to do with anyone. And yet she loved me.



Does My Grief Make You Uncomfortable?


Grace-drops fall like the rain, in tandem with the falling of my tears. Overflowing mercies from above envelope me as I sit here and I grieve.

But I grieve nevertheless.


When He Asks For Sex And You're Tempted To Turn Him Down


You feel the tap on your shoulder.

You know which one.

That tap right before bed, during baby's nap time, or during any other time that just feels like a chore or like one more thing that you have to do when you're already dog-tired.

I know.

I understand.

I do not judge you.

I just want to take you by the hand and speak to you an idea that you might not have before considered.  


This Is More Important Than What You Do On Halloween


It's that time of year. Soon Jack-O' Lanterns and costumed kids will be strolling down the lane, threatening a trick in order to get a treat. Soon Christians will be defending one set of responses to Halloween, while attacking another. Sometimes it makes me want to turn my eyes away.

Despite what you've heard, Halloween is not the devil's day. 


If You Could Wear A Label, What Would It Say?


If I could wear a label, it would say this: I'm hurting. I've been abused. Tread carefully.

If you could wear a label it might say, I'm lonely. I've been rejected.

Another person's might say something like, 'I'm addicted and I can't break free.'

Still another's might say: I just need a friend. Please don't judge me right now.


The Myth Of The Perpetually Unemployed Christian Mother


As titles go, this one isn't that snazzy. If you're willing to overlook that, we can move on to the fact that many Christian mothers feel ashamed over the notion of going to work. And while the Bible is not explicit that a mother has to go to work, there is no prohibition that she cannot. This blog post may be more of a history lesson than most. I hope you'll stick with me to the end where we refer back to the Bible. 



I Want To Aim Low


There is an interesting phenomenon among the people of this world to want to aim high. Nothing wrong with that. But what so often happens is that when they make it big they sometimes forget everyone who ever helped them along the way.

They often will not look certain people in the eye. The idea is that to make it great in the world means to edge yourself closer to those at the top and to forget the little people. Everyone is susceptible to this thinking.

But with Jesus this just doesn't fly.



The Belief That Someone Else Will Do Something


It was 1964. A woman named Kitty Genovese turned off her car, took out the key and proceeded to make her exit. Her New York City apartment was only 100 feet from where she was parked, but there was a man there blocking her path. She went forward anyway as she had to get home. The man reached out of the inky blackness and grabbed her and the 3:00 a.m. silence was broken by her screams.

'He stabbed me!'

The people in the apartments had a decision to make. Would they make the phone call that would summon the police or would they merely look on?


Admitting You Are Emotionally Sensitive


Perhaps you don't like the word sensitive. Perhaps it sounds too flimsy or fragile. It might sound like the breaking of eggs or the ripping of paper. It could make you think I'm delicate, unbending or brittle. In reality what is sensitivity, but feeling, perceiving, and seeing, even if it carries with it the risk of being easily bruised in the soul?



Sometimes A Thing Is Just...Over


Sometimes a thing has simply run its course and is just...over. But, oh God, I get so attached to people, situations and things. I get comfortable, in a rut, and I never want to come out. Situations change, people grow impatient and still I will not budge. I remain loyal to the cause, to the project, to the person, even though they are long since defunct.

The people are tired of me.

I sense it.

I know it.



If We All Answered This One Question Truthfully


Someone walks over to us. They smile. Casually, they ask us a question and the conversation goes like this:

'How are you doing?' 

'I'm fine. How are you?'

'Busy, but fine'. 


What if instead, it went something like this:




Your Tribe Is Not Who You Think




Your tribe. It's all some people can talk about these days. How we need to find our tribes, get in there and stay, snuggled up amid the glow of happy friend-talk. If only it were that simple.  

I have agonized over the issue of finding my tribe for some time now. Over and over again I have looked for my tribe, only to find disappointment as my constant bedfellow. The parameters of the tribe, as defined by popular culture, are the ones who 'get' you. I would still be a long time looking if God had not shown something to me. 



Why The Church Should Not Ignore #blacklivesmatter


I'm sure it hasn't escaped anyone's notice that racial tensions are at a fever pitch right now. I'm sure it hasn't escaped anyone's notice that everywhere you go you run into the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. From the church there has escaped a barely audible, 'ugh'.

When we hear about young black men being killed, we sigh, 'if only they had listened to the police'. We grumble, 'then stop breaking the law'. We see the hashtag, #blacklivesmatter and respond, #alllivesmatter.

Please listen, hear my heart and understand why we cannot, why we should not ignore #blacklivesmatter.




When The World Is Too Disgusting


I can't take it anymore. The way we treat each other is appalling. Black, white, male, female, it's disgusting. Everyday people post videos of police brutality and of abortion footage and it makes my stomach turn. How do I reconcile this with the admonition in Philippians 4:8 to think about whatever is lovely, noble and true?

How do I do this and seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with my God?



The False Teacher List


The other day I was reading a list of false teachers on a prominent website. Some names I thought deserved to be there, others, in my opinion, did not. And while the Bible says that we ought to be aware of false teachers in these last days, I sometimes think we misunderstand that they are.

A false teacher is not a person who has made a mistake.

A false teacher is not a person who is someone whose methods we don't like.

A false teacher is the unregenerate counterfeit pretender who does not know Christ, turned liar for profit. They tend to have the motive of money and power behind what they do. 



When Your Husband Looks At Pornography


We were on our honeymoon. After driving for what seemed like forever, we arrived to our hotel in Jacksonville, Florida. Not yet to our destination in Marathon, we settled in for the night. The television, when you turned it on, had this option where you could pay for a pornographic film. I saw my husband flipping through the options as I stood in the shower. A part of me died. I had never wanted to compete with porn stars, nor invite them here to join me on my honeymoon. It felt like an intrusion and like being together wasn't enough, that we needed the so-called help of strangers. What's worse is that their faces are smiling, as if this were an invitation to a good time, not an occasion of sin. My memory does not serve as to whether we watched the film or not.



Longing For Depth in Christian Culture


I hate to say it, friends, but it's true. I'm longing for something more.

Something deep.

Something true.

Something real. 

I've come to the well, thirsty, and have drunk, deep-gullet mouthfuls of the springs of the waters of eternal life. And I am mystified. 

Truly mystified. 

Why are we selling Jesus short? Why are we selling Jesus at all?



This Tortured Thing Called Friendship


It hasn't been going well for maybe the last 33 years. Friendship-speaking, of course. 33 years ago I entered Kindergarten and the world of have and have-nots was on display for all the world to see. But to save time, we'll fast-forward to the present.

I've put myself out there.

I've smiled and have been friendly.

And yet, the friendship train has crashed and burned over and over, sometimes before it has even left the station. I am giving myself permission to call it quits. Yes, you heard me right. But I will explain. 

I've had this idea that if I did the right things that this friendship ride would be successful. Overall, it has not. There have been some winners here and there and for that I am grateful. But it's all the little things on my heart today which pierce me like daggers all over.

The invitations we don't get.

The inside jokes told in front of me that say, 'you don't belong'. 


I Am A Christian, I Am A Feminist



That sounds like a dirty word, doesn't it?

The way it rolls off the tongue with such vitriol, you would think it to be the worst insult.


And to mix it with Christianity, to some, is well nigh unthinkable. So I will explain.

The definition of feminism is basically that women are socially, politically, and economically equal to men. Naturally, I wouldn't walk the 1960's free love and and convenient abortion line, but as far as equality, I am for it. And why not?



The Hidden Reason You Fear Your Calling


This is a sensitive subject. Please proceed with caution.

Many of you are afraid of following your calling, but you don't know why that is. I didn't know why I was so afraid of my calling either. Until God showed me what was behind the curtain. 

I've learned that there is a reason many of us are afraid to get out of the boat and follow Jesus boldly. 

Some of you were taught not to make waves and to not speak up. Some of you were taught to always be nice. To some degree or other we have been taught that to be well-behaved women we need to go with the flow and be agreeable. But for some of you this went deeper.



I'm Sick Of The Popularity Contest


Join my mailing list. Visit my blog. Attend my seminar. Come to my class. Buy my book! Like and share my updates. Be my facebook friend. Likes, comments and shares, oh my! Pay attention to me!! Um, I mean, Jesus. 

As a weary traveler on a dusty road, I say, enough already. I'm ready to put on my sandals and to go wander into the mountains to pray. Away from the crowds. Away from the noises.

Away from the push to be popular.





Stop Waiting For Permission


You've been called by God to do something in the ministry. But when you go to the folks whom you thought would support you, you find something other than approval. And so you question your calling. Surely you heard God wrong.

What if what you were actually looking for was permission? And not confirmation? The two couldn't be more different. Understanding this can be crucial to maintaining your sanity. 

Looking for permission can look like: quitting your ministry because a certain church does not accept you. 

Not writing your book because a publisher turned you down.

Or not starting your podcast because you couldn't get in with the 'in' crowd.

It can look like quitting your blog because you feel overlooked in your hometown. Or giving up on music because the record label turned you down. 

Understand that when Moses went to follow the calling that God placed upon his life it was not because Pharaoh and his army approved. It was because God said so. He had confirmation from God. He didn't need permission from men. 



Why Our Family Doesn't Do Fairy Tales


'Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives' tales;' 1 Timothy 4:7

Our family doesn't do fairy tales. Our family goes the gospel of Jesus Christ and the wonderful truths found in the scriptures. Our family does singing and praising and worship. Our family does truth. We do not seek refuge in stories that would undermine the truth of the gospel. There's too much at stake. 

I waited 15 years before meeting my miracle baby, Joy. Her smile could light up the room. Her world is full of colors and light and of the sounds of mom and dad praising Jesus. We're gospel singers, after all. But there is a force, a real demonic host that exists and that the scriptures intently warn us about.

The battle is real.

The war is intense.


On Pedestals And Platforms


I'm not famous. I have a radio show and I write for the Huffington Post. I've also done interviews to support my two albums which have received radio airplay. I've learned some things about platform and I'd like to humbly share them with you. 

Your platform is not who you are. It will never be who you are. If it ever becomes who you are, you will quickly become soul-sick. Your platform will either be too big or too small for you. So just don't go there. My radio show and writing are just facts. And if God wills it, they could both be gone tomorrow. As could the emails of guests who would like to be on my show. I know this as God makes this painfully clear to me on a daily basis.

And you probably think I'm going to give you the usual spiel about how you don't want a platform and about how you should be happy if only one person shows up. I'm not going to tell you that. And here's the reason why. For some of you there is this holy tension between your life as you see it and your life as you imagine it to be. And for some of you there is this thing inside you that won't let you rest and that truly believes you are going to be on a stage of some sort someday.

And I believe you.

Because I felt the same way.


To Our Correctional Officers


To Our Correctional Officers:

You do not hear these words often enough, but here goes. Thank you.

We see you. 

We hear you. 

We support you. 

Day in and day out you enter a world which few of us will ever see. And if I were honest, few of us would even want to. It is a world that is brutal and which scars you like a military battle you are waging in chapters. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks out of the year. 

For you the time goes slowly by with nothing to do but watch walks or showers or the mundane task of overseeing inmates as they make their noodles in the microwave. The hours of your life inch alongside the men or women who are also waiting, locked up, incarcerated for crimes which they have committed. 

And you hear the insults. 

And the threats. 

And the clanging of metal upon metal. 

They call this place, 'the clink' for a reason.


Why Your Critics Do Not Matter


Firstly, let's define the word critic. It is, according to Webster's, someone who, 'tends too readily to make captious, trivial, or harsh judgments; faultfinder'. This is someone who is looking to find fault. This person is not your friend and they do not have your best interest at heart.

This is not someone who is to be confused with the person who, in love, tells you what you need to hear.

Or who lovingly tells you something you won't like.

Those friends are doing the hard work of steering you away from oncoming traffic or are helping you to back away from that cliff edge you are currently standing on. On this the Bible says, 'Faithful are the wounds of a friend'. So, now that we're clear, let's get back to talking about the one whose opinion does not matter: the critic.


I Was Told To Respect My Rapist


I saw the words written there in black and white, cold as ice and dark as night. Words explaining to me, or whoever else might be reading them, to show some respect for your rapist.

To not hurt his feelings.

To consider that he is a human being who will respond differently if you show him some respect. That you must not treat him as some vile attacker, but must be thoughtful in your dealings with the one who would abuse you. 

I had been assaulted sexually by someone when I was in high school. And I wondered to myself, had I shown him enough respect? After all, while he was busy committing a crime, I was busy trying to defend myself and to keep what shreds of self respect I had remaining. Where was his respect for me?

My body?

My boundaries?

My soul? Should I be sending him a gift basket now or at least an apology letter explaining my lack of kind words?

Here is where I need to back up and provide some context. The admonition for women to respect their rapist came from a religious publication which lays down the rules and regulations for the followers of the Jehovah's Witness religion. The religion I grew up in. The religion I trusted. 


Christians, Why Do We Lie?


You tell me you like my hair.

You don't.

I tell you I liked your song.

I didn't.

We tell each other there is nothing wrong with being lukewarm when we all know better. We encourage our friends to call each us if they need something and sometimes we mean it. But sometimes we don't. We say you can call us for help with your project, but we don't mean it. We don't want to be bothered and we don't want to come to the party. 

I do it.

You do it.

We need to stop doing it.


When We Refuse To Help


We see a lady or a man, a woman or a child and they are obviously in need of help. We stop, we consider and we turn away. And we do it for a variety of reasons.  

Because we're scared.

Because we do not know the person that well.

Because it would be an inconvenience.

When God is calling us or asking us to help lighten the load for someone else and we don't, we can expect a ripple effect. Here are some of the things that can happen when we decide not to help. 



Rejecting Media-Fueled Hatred


Friends, it's that time of the day again. You turn on the T.V. You flip the channels. Or you listen to the radio. Either way, you catch the news. Another war. Another senseless tragedy. Another victim of violence.

How do we make sense of it all? Before you can dare make a judgment, somebody has already made it for you.

The incident must be framed in some way in order to make it look like there are divided teams here.

Black people are the problem.

Cops are the problem.

Homeless people are the problem.

Prison guards are the problem.

Politicians are the problem.


Is Modern Parenting Wearing You Out?


When I was a kid, I was allowed a degree of freedom that my child will likely never be allowed. You can pass by entire communities without seeing a single kid outside and it's been that way for years. Kids playing in their own front yards is considered unsafe. Okay. What do we do, then?

We keep them inside. But the regulations don't stop there. We can't let kids play outside, but we need to re-motivate them to want to exercise...because they're getting too fat. And being fat is unhealthy. But it doesn't stop there. 



Why Is Christianity So Boring?


Have you ever wondered why Christianity seems so bland?

So boring?

Have you ever wondered if things could ever be different?

Peel open your Bible and you will see a different story. A story not of blandness, but of adventure of danger, of travel and of exploration. If you read the book of Acts you will read about the day of Pentecost when 3,000 people were saved in one day. You will hear tales of the Apostle Paul traveling into foreign lands and spreading the gospel.



Acting Small In Order To Be Loved


Hi there reader,

I have a question for you. Do you consistently make yourself smaller in order to feel worthy and to be loved? Have you ever tried to disappear just to fit in and to not make waves? Let me tell you a story.

When I was young I noticed that others had a problem with me just being me. So I got smaller. And smaller. Until one day I was eating very little and trying to physically take up as little space as possible. And one day God woke me up to the problems I was creating for myself in denying myself the room that I needed to grow. 

Does this sound like you?



Can I Tell You The Truth?


When I was growing up, no one was concerned with my comfort and the truth was not withheld. I dare not judge the reasons with which this was done, I just wish to state the facts. Things were told to me as they were. Even when I was little. And I survived.

And now things are different and I have been saved; I have become a Christian. Things are better and things are wonderful, but in one way they are really strange. I'm meeting people now who care about feelings.

And they lie. And I lie. And we lie to each other.

But we do it because we really care. We are Christians, we have been saved, but we regularly are not telling the truth. We do it to make each other feel better. But it doesn't make me feel better. It makes me feel insecure.




When Illness Rips Away Your Comfortable


I've missed it again.

The point of it all.

I was sick in 2009, but over time, I've forgotten the things that I had learned. And now I'm back in school. The school of sickness. And it's all coming back to me now and I'm remembering what I learned. Let me share with you the lessons I learned in sick-school.


Can Someone Please Be Proud Of Me?


I was scrolling through my facebook feed when I stumbled upon a picture posted by a happy mom and dad that said, 'we're so proud of you!' that then went on to list the accomplishments of their daughter that so caused the mom and dad to exclaim their happiness publicly. 

And I was soul-crushed.


A million moments in my life pass by more or less unnoticed when a random post like the one above can rip into my existence and shatter my otherwise pleasant mood.

And I am undone.


After You've Crossed Your Red Sea


I had always thought that the miracle was the part that you waited for, the part that you prayed for and the part that took the real amount of faith and courage. And in many ways it is. But what I have found after getting my miracle is that the need for faith is not left in the past, but is real, ongoing and necessary to meet the day to day challenges you will face.



Don't Be A Chump


Dear Reader:

If you're letting someone use you to get something they want, you really need to stop it. If someone doesn't love you enough to simply enjoy you without strings attached, then I have news for you: it isn't love. 

I don't mean to ruffle feathers and I certainly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but every once in a while it is necessary for tough love to be dispensed, hence the title of this blog. The word Christian is a not a code word for chump, even though some people think it is. Scripture just doesn't back that up. 



Are You An Enabler?


This story is not about drugs or alcohol, but is about the things that we need to let others do for themselves. 

I had a wonderful idea to help some of my friends out with a promotion they were running. It was a great idea, in fact. But it would mean having to put up a little bit of money. I had the idea in my head that maybe I could pay for it myself and then we could get the ball rolling.

But God stopped me.


Why Can't We Be Friends?


I used to call you and you used to call me. But now you don't call me, so I don't call you. I sensed you were doing the slow fade and so I gave you your space. But inwardly I was sad, grieving for another friendship lost for seemingly no reason.



Why Are We So Fake?



I would really like to get to know you. And I would really like you to get to know me.

Except I can't.

Because I'm afraid of being judged.



When Did You Lose Your Voice?


In school when the bullies were rampant and the going was hard, I never called out for help. I believed that there was no point because the adults in charge could see what was happening and yet, did nothing to protect me.

At home when things were rough, I never called out. I didn't believe that anyone would listen or, for that matter, care.

When I was sick or had a problem, I do not ever recall crying out or asking for others to come to my rescue. I cannot remember looking to the adults to help me out. I always felt like I was on my own. 


You Should Skip Going To Church



Have you heard the worship music at your church lately? Why would you want to attend church with those jokers? They're not as spiritual as you are. Maybe you should skip going to church today. 

And have you seen the youth pastors? They sure are a joke with their trendy haircuts and skinny jeans. I don't know if I'd trust them. Maybe you should skip going to church today.


Now That We To Have To Care


When the world wants to confuse the issue of who is permitted to use a washroom where a little girl is going to the toilet, we will suddenly have to care.

There will be no choice.

We are unprepared and maybe taken off guard, but now our eyes are open.

We will care about this because this matters to us.

What I am suggesting is that when we wake up and decide to care about this issue that we could wake up and decide to care about the other issues too.


Jesus Wasn't Happy All Of The Time


There is a strange expectation for us as Christians to 'sell' Christianity to others. We don't want to seem like Debbie Downers. We don't want to be a Christian Killjoy. We want to be upbeat and joyous and to show people that we, well, are happy.

But what about when we're not.

Do we sometimes pretend?


The Church And The Arts


I think all of the fussing would be akin to saying this. 'Sally, we need you to make some cookies for the lunch group. But not too many chocolate chips. And definitely cut back on the raisins. We don't like oatmeal and we want you to use only a certain type of flour. Now get to it and feel it this time. We want you to succeed and to do a good job.' I think Sally might say thanks, but no thanks. I cannot imagine that Da Vinci would have had a committee of bloggers critiquing his every brushstroke and deciding whether or not he was true to the expectations that they have. How would they feel about all of that long hair?



That Thing You're Afraid Of Doing


I committed an act of self-sabotage. I had said I wanted to do gigs, lots of gigs. So I signed up for a service that would match people needing musicians up with those who fit the bill. An offer came in, but I was absolutely frightened.

I'd played gigs before, yes, but not like this.

This was a festival, a community get-together and we would be the main act.

I panicked.

Surely, they didn't want me and this was all a mistake. Instead of talking about it, thinking about it or praying about it, I...



The Fat Kid In The Ugly Swimsuit


This blog post could have just as well been titled, 'who is my neighbor?', but I digress. 

During my fifth year at school, we were required to undergo a hellish experience called, 'Drown-proofing' with all of our classmates down at the local pool.

I was extremely overweight in the fifth grade.



When I Lost You...



I didn't just lose you.

I lost me.

I did not realize that most of me was bound up with you. My soul, my identity and my self-worth were all dependent on a look from you.

And I was left in shards.



Dear Husband (Sorry I'm A Weirdo, Would You Rather I Make You A Casserole?)


Dearest Husband:

I had always heard that food was the way to a man's heart, but I don't really do biscuits and gravy. I have the gluten intolerance, you know, and the other things that make that hard. I could make you some Quinoa and a salad if you want, but still the fears linger that I should just make you a casserole.

At the ladies luncheon the others talk of all the food they're going to bring and I just sit there silent. I know that I could sing a song, or by God's grace, even write one and I wonder if I'll ever be good enough. Dear husband, will your heart be led to think you might have had it better some other where or in some other place if you had only had a casserole?


A Treatise On Being Fat



Right now I am fat.

Do not tell me that I don't look fat or that I'm not as fat as someone you know. I am fat and that is that.

I used to be thin.

I had a baby and gave in to a constant craving for potato chips when I was pregnant. They said I would lose the weight when I breastfed. Yeah, that didn't happen. I actually gained 20 pounds.

I then started to counted calories.

My body was afraid to let go of the fat it felt it needed for the milk supply. It should not have been. I tried to tell it not to. It didn't listen.  



Why Does She Stay?


We often hear the question posed about those who are involved with people who would abuse them and it is this: 'why does she stay?' Understand that the abused can be male or female, young or old, married or not. Sometimes we are abused by our 'friends' or other associates, and so the context runs the gamut. But here are some reasons that an abused person has trouble breaking free.


The Church That Added 3,000


The church that added 3,000 was not a fancy church. It had not stained-glass windows. It didn't have amazing programs and it didn't have a world-class worship team. There was something that this church had, however, and it was all that mattered. It had the Holy Spirit. It also had the Word of God. 



When I Was Homeless


When I became homeless it was due to a lack of support. Community support, that is. No one becomes homeless in a vacuum.


The Problem With Standardized Christianity



In the Bible there are many absolutes. Examples of these are to not commit adultery or fornication, to not tell lies or to steal and so on. But there are many areas which are not expressly encouraged or forbidden. The apostle Paul says about such things:




When They Won't Believe Your Story


He put his hands on me. I told him not to. He persisted anyway, taking my self-worth to the ground where my body already lay. I held on, desperate for a way out of the situation I found myself in. Later when the details of this crime were discussed by the professionals and the adults, a looming shadow of doubt was cast on all the events of that day.


I heard things like:


'Girls always say 'no' when they really mean yes'.


'You led him on'.


'You had to have been making out with him before that happened.'




To Dream Or Not To Dream?


Maybe you are a deeply practical person and feel you have no time for dreams. Maybe you have been through too much and are prone not to take risks. Maybe you don't believe that dreaming is for you because you don't have what it takes to follow through.


Why Patience Is A Virtue


I have struggled with patience my whole life. Well, struggled is putting it mildly. I sloughed it off and wished to do everything in a hurry. No waiting, no problem. Things got hairy whenever I had to wait for something. The Bible has some surprising things to say about patience and about where it comes from.



If We Believe What We Say We Believe


If we believe what we say we believe how can we keep from singing? Even through times of sorrow and of deep suffering, we can still have a deep satisfaction in our hearts. How can we not, if all the promises in God are yes and in Him amen? 



Love, Agony & New Life



I lay prostrate on the hospital bed, writhing in pain. A nurse reached over to turn off my epidural, the sole lifeline between me and the depths of a torment so indescribable that I thought I would die. My baby was stuck.


The doctor who could help was 45 minutes away, but I knew I wouldn't last that long. I had waited 9 months for the moment when I would meet my daughter and now I feared that I never would.


I struggled for breath as my body seized under the weight of the contractions. The ebbs of pain, once like waves lapping the shore, had now merged into one enormous undulation that threatened to take me under. I was undone.


Nerve endings screamed, sending raw signals of alarm, zapped as if by electric shocks. Every fiber of my being was bathed in the sensation of white hot pain. In the midst of this mind-numbingly searing, and almost endless agony, I gave up.


How Do You Respond To Truth?


The Israelites were God's chosen people and one among the original twelve brothers born to Jacob, later renamed Israel, had had a dream. In that dream he was binding sheaves with his brother and the sheaves of his brothers bowed down to his. The dream was prophetic and was foretelling what plans God had for Joseph.

The dream spoke truth, truth that the eleven brothers of Joseph did not want to hear.


God's Will For Your Life, Sabotaged


People often wonder what God's will is for their life. Many set down the path of following God's will, unsure of whether they are in His will or not. But can God's will be sabotaged? In a word. Yes. How? In another word, disobedience. 




Why Did God Make Me This Way?


Why did you make this way God? Have you ever felt like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole? I have wondered for many years why I had to be so strange. When I was growing up there was a strong emphasis in my family on what one would do for a living. You knew you had to one day be able to earn money and to be able to raise a family. That is very important and I do not fault anyone for that. With that in mind, the reality of my temperament and natural form of expression would have to squeeze into a different mold than was comfortable. You see, my lifelong dream has been that of a writer and a musician. A songwriter. A singer of songs. Nothing wrong with that. But it's very hard to earn a living doing that.


What Do You Do All Day?


It's a fair question, this, 'what do you do all day' and I think it deserves an answer. I am an investor in a long-term project which hopes to yield a high return. As part of this project I manage the daily oversight and day to day operation of my establishment in a variety of ways. I provide direction and management, which includes, but is not limited to the following areas: that of health, safety and education.


I'm Sorry I Hurt You


I put my foot in my mouth again. I didn't think before I spoke. I hurt you and that was not my intention. I came off as insensitive too. Please know that I care. I value your friendship too. Will you forgive me? 



I Just Wanted To Be Famous


I just wanted to be famous and to have hordes of screaming fans who come to my shows and who think my music is awesome. I wanted to wear leather pants and to wail into the microphone while resting my boot on the amplifier. I wanted to act embarrassed as the thunderous applause went on longer than was necessary. 


I'm a writer too and so I also want to be published. So that I can be famous and so that others can comment on my blogs and tell me how meaningful and important my work is.


Sure, I want to #makeJesusfamous and all that and if that happened, well, good. Because I'm in this, after all, because I'm a Christian. I love God and I'm true to His word but...


The Depressed Christian


I am depressed. I am also a Christian. Can that be? Yes. You can be a Christian and suffer from depression. Take Elijah. He had a major victory and later became so depressed he sat in a cave sulking. Jonah was depressed too. He saw an entire town repent and turn to God and then he sat down and he sulked. Hard.


Avoiding Competitive Christianity


I used to want other Christians in ministry to do well, but not too well. I wanted them to win, but not too often. When someone was a smashing success, it bothered me and I found it irritating. It still is a struggle for me. But here's what I found: if we all do well, some people will be saved. Other folks might receive a bowl of hot food, still others, a warm coat. Some might find a friend to lean on and some might find shelter. I'll explain.



Should Christians Stay Out Of Politics?


One day Moses was tending his sheep on the backside of the desert . He saw a bush that, though it was burning, was not consumed. He turned aside to see this strange sight and it was here that he heard the voice of God. 

"And now, behold, the cry of the people of Israel has come to me, and I have also seen the oppression with which the Egyptians oppress them. Come, I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring my people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.” Exodus 3:9-10


Healing From Prolonged Grief


When I was little I remember being read the story of Babar the elephant. When Babar was just a baby his mother was shot and killed. After his mother is killed Babar goes on to have adventures and to live a rich and a full life. But I never mentally got that far. I cannot remember the adventures or the rest of the story. His mom was dead. My mind stops there. The story continues, but I am stuck. I can't contemplate that life could be good or meaningful or happy ever again. His mom has died. There is nothing else. 


An Open Letter To Our Older People


Older godly men and women are a treasure from God and we need you. We need you who have been faithful to the word of God to show us the way. We need guidance, we need your prayers and we need your support. 

Leviticus 19:32 says, 


The Labeled Soul


Labels bind and constrict not only those who are labeled, but also those who are doing the assigning. We are forced to bend and contort in order to play a role we were never designed for. The actors chafe under the weight of the make up and they resent the lack of movement their costumes permit. Labels create the illusion of safety and of comfort. But living a lie is rarely comfortable. 



When It's Them Or Jesus


I want to talk about what happens when your family and friends make you choose between them and Jesus. There are a lot of precipitating factors that lead up to the final conclusion, and I am sure that every story is different. You may never have thought what happens in cases like these, or you might be dealing with the fallout from something like this. In either case, I wanted to share my experience of what this has been like.



The Comfortable Cross


I'm going to let you in on a secret. Christianity is not about living your best life now. It is not about everybody liking you and it is not about achieving financial success. We do others a disservice when we paint Christianity as your free ticket to everything you've ever wanted on this earth. You pick up your comfortable cross and you follow Jesus. Which is good, because Jesus only wants you to be happy. All. The. Time. Imagine the shock when a new believer finds out that life after Jesus isn't all sunshine and rainbows. What then?


The Abortion Industry Is Like A Fortified City


The abortion industry in this country is like a fortified city. There are lobbyists, activists and a 1973 precedent which all guard the interior to this city. The walls are thick and they appear to be impenetrable. At times it can seem hopeless that anything could ever defeat this great and powerful city.


Those of us on the outside, who would defend the life of the unborn, often feel powerless and lacking in resources. We can feel outnumbered. If you've ever felt that way, I want to turn your attention to a few interesting verses found in the book of Genesis.



Serving Two Masters: Here's What It Looks Like


It looks like the girl who is trying to please everyone and who cares way too much what everyone thinks.

It looks like the man who is caught up in accumulating the most toys before he dies.

It looks like the woman who is building up empires for her own glory.

It looks like the person who doesn't seek whole-heartedly after God, because they might miss out on something along the way.


Traveling Light: 5 Things You Can Do Lighten The Load



This is something that I could write at length upon, should the Lord desire it, but that I think today will be limited in its scope.

Imagine you are running a race of endurance which you cannot afford to lose. Imagine that you had to lighten the load. What would you do? I'm no runner, but I assume that you would slough off every possible piece of unnecessary equipment and baggage. You would travel light. And that's what I want to talk about. I want to give you a list, which is all but comprehensive, of things that you can prayerfully leave at the station.



They Might All Just Be Jesus


That little hand that tugs at your clothes. It might feel like an annoyance, but she might be Jesus.

The face whose sunken eyes might demand more than you can give. Consider that she might be Jesus.

That beggar on the street who asks you for some change. Know that this poor man might be Jesus.

The downtrodden, the outcast, the sick and the broken might all be Jesus visiting you today.


5 Things People Say About Worship Music: A Songwriter's Perspective


When I was young and growing up, I did so outside the confines of the Christian church. I did not have any Christian friends and if I was going to school with classmates who were Christian, they certainly did not belie that fact. All that being said, I was deeply interested in secular music of all types. It was practically my life. 

One day I watched a documentary called


My Atypical She Speaks Journey



I was running late and realized that I had lost my She Speaks lanyard. Not wanting to appear like I did not belong at the conference, I went to the registration desk to see if new one could be made for me. The lady behind the desk willingly obliged and began to chat me up. I told her that I lost my lanyard, but that it was no surprise to me as I seemed to chronically lose hold of that which I need most. As she worked on fashioning my new name tag she asked me a question. 'Do you know that you were chosen to be here?'



I Used To Be Pro-Choice


This might not win me friends or help me to influence people, but I used to be pro-choice. And it almost had terrible real-world consequences. 


When I was in the 9th grade we were given an assignment in English class based, primarily, on opposing viewpoints. There were as many topics to choose from as there were students, and for some reason, pro-choice was one of the few topics left when my name was picked. I was only fifteen and did not actually hold to a pro-choice stance, but like any good student, I felt that a little research was all that was needed for me to make the case for something I didn't really believe in.


What If Every Christian...



What if every Christian...


read their Bible and was fluent in what they believe?


Spoke to others about Jesus?


And was on fire for the Lord?


Dressing Up Jesus


I've been guilty of this. Maybe you have been too. You see an opportunity to share Jesus. But then you stop to think. You start to analyze, rationalize and consider the consequences. There's got to be an approach to this, you think. A method, an ideology. I can't just share Jesus. Sometimes you find yourself guilty of dressing Him up.