Are You Willing To Wrestle The Bear?

If you want to do great things with God, perhaps you've got to wrestle a bear.

Imagine this. David is sitting out in the field minding his business and tending his sheep. A bear comes along, and he has a decision to make. Does he fight or does he get out of there? It is his job to be the shepherd, but tending to sheep is not without its perils.

He knows God is with Him, all night many nights he has sung a sweet tune to his Lord on his harp. He walks through life together with His God. He makes the decision to go for it. And he is delivered from the paw of the bear.

He knows it was not his strength that carried the fight but that the Lord fought with him on his side. It would not be the last time God would fight for him.

Will you agree with me that fighting a bear is scary? I don't know that I would do it. And yet, we must. Because if we won't fight the bear, we will not fight the lion. If we won't fight the lion, we'll never fight Goliath. If we don't fight Goliath, God surely will raise up another and we will be there, shaking in our boots like the rest of the men in the army of Israel.



Maybe even jealous.

It takes guts to go out there, to do the unknown and to wrestle with that bear, but that bear is only practice. He is not the real fight. He is your preparatory bear, the thing that will show you that God will pull through for you.

Even slaying Goliath was the beginning for David. From there he went to fight many battles while waiting to become king and has to know that his God was with him. Skipping steps and skipping on fights was not an option to get where he was going.

Once he was king there were obstacles yet to be overcome as his own sons were threatening his right to rule. Imagine the great responsibility it must have been to be ruler over Israel. As David proved himself faithful, God continually gave him more and more responsibility. He eventually was to become an ancestor of Jesus Christ.

So where is God trying to take you? What does he have for you down the road?

While it's not possible to know these things, you do need to look at whatever bears there are in your midst and let God fight them for you. You need to stand firm and to go into the battle knowing that God has your back. As you do you'll grow in the confidence you will need for later conquest and for future victories. To be overcomers, we must not lose heart when in faced by the bear, especially since God will use this bear to prepare you for further opportunities to bring glory to His name.

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