God Is In Control -- But Things Don't Just Happen

We've surely heard the chorus that God is in control, with regard to this current election. And thank God that He is. That, however, does not mean that things just happen. It would be like saying that God is in control and that therefore nobody has to go to work. Or like deciding to never again make your bed, because God is in control.

Bad things can still happen even though God is in control. These things are sometimes consequences, either for bad decisions or for lack of action. Still, there are unforeseen troubles that come upon on, persecution, or results due to the negligence or cruelty of others. God's sovereignty is never a guarantee of an easy path. After all, Jesus said:

"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

We sometimes take an easy and laid-back approach to problems we have no intention of getting in there and trying to fix. Problems we've decided to let fester. This is not the purpose of God's sovereignty and control. I'm not saying we can do it all on our own either.

It usually a process.

God moves, and we move with Him. We are faithful to follow in His plan and He does the miraculous. For example: the Red Sea crossing. The people didn't sit down and expect God to somehow get them across miraculously. They walked. He parted the Red Sea.

Sometimes we've gotten into the habit of letting something go and then declaring that God is in control, so it will be okay. What other process is there in life that we can skate by in such a manner?

And yes, I am writing this on Election Day.

We have a system which most of feel disconnected from and will take no part in because somehow Christianity is to remain separate from politics. When it all falls apart, we claim God's sovereignty.

What about Moses? Was going in unto Pharaoh not political? It was spiritual, ordained of God, but he had to go to the authorities at that time to petition and to request a movement for change. Once Pharaoh had had adequate time to reject God's offer, God moved and set the people free supernaturally.

What about Queen Esther? Was she not engaging in the political system when she approached her oft-drunk husband King Ahasuerus to plead for her people, the Jews? She had to go in and expect for God to do the actual heavy-lifting. But go in she did. For most of us, we have decided to stop going in to petition for the things we hold dear. 

Like for the rights of the unborn. And for the those who are most vulnerable in our society. Perhaps you were born and put in your position for such a time as this. 

To solely claim God's sovereignty is also to exempt us of our free will. It was not God's will that the people of Israel reject Him or His Son the way that they did even though He is sovereign. It was not God's will for His people to be placed in ovens in concentration camps or that we should allow abortion in our country. It's not God's will, although, yes, He is sovereign. 

We have a part to play in our own lives and in the lives of others. We don't get off that easily. God is sovereign, but we still have to plant a seed in the ground if we want anything to grow. There still is work to do. It's also a tad unfair to say all will be well when millions of babies will continue to be slaughtered. Perhaps all is not well.

So, yes, God is sovereign and allows us all free will to follow Him and His Son or not. We all have this solemn responsibility before God. We also have a God, who in His sovereignty has allowed us to take part in the great doings of the King of the Universe. His sovereignty does not exclude us from these choices; His is a sovereignty that includes us.

His only question is: will you take part?

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