I Swear!

How many times you have heard someone say, 'I swear to God'?

Oftentimes people will take an already emphatic declarative statement and beef it up with an, 'I swear' or an 'I swear to God'. Then there are those who will swear on something sacred, like their mother's grave or on their father's honor. I'm sure mom and dad appreciate that.

Jesus says, in the Bible, not to go above saying 'yes' or 'no' and that such proceedings are of the devil. We are not to swear by heaven because it is God's throne, the earth, because it is God's footstool or our own heads of which He said we can neither make one hair black or white. Jesus even said not to swear by Jerusalem because it was the city of the King.

Furthermore, Jesus said not to make oaths, but to just simply speak the truth when you say yes or no. You therefore don't need to impress your audience with language which will add emphasis or prove that you are telling the truth. You just need to tell the truth and follow through.

Though it might not be easy to do in practice, it certainly isn't complicated. Ask God to help you to resist the urge to add to your language and to resist making oaths at all.

Think about it.

If we can be people of our word, there will never be the need to make such an oath. Perhaps if we can be people who speak and live out the truth every day, we will be believed when we speak and will feel less of a temptation to exaggerate. And if others will not take a yes or a no as good enough the problem lies with them and not us.

Endeavor to make the change, but don't swear to it! 

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