I Want To Aim Low

There is an interesting phenomenon among the people of this world to want to aim high. Nothing wrong with that. But what so often happens is that when they make it big they sometimes forget everyone who ever helped them along the way.

They often will not look certain people in the eye. The idea is that to make it great in the world means to edge yourself closer to those at the top and to forget the little people. Everyone is susceptible to this thinking.

But with Jesus this just doesn't fly.

He says that if you want to be great that you have to aim low and that you have to be small. You have to serve. Imagine taking everything off (if you're a man) and stripping down to just a towel, and getting low so that you can wash the filthy feet of the disciples.

Imagine seeing the dirt and the mud and putting out your hand to make contact with that sullied flesh. I can't imagine it and I have no desire to do it. When working my first job at McDonald's there was a job they referred to as 'baseboards', which was getting down low to the ground and scrubbing the floor.

I absolutely refused to have anything to do with it. I knew in my heart that if they ever asked me I would quit my job or go home sick. I do not like to do anything resembling that kind of work.

I absolutely do not gravitate toward it.

But Jesus demands we go low in order to go high. He asks that we be small in order to let Him increase. The only way we'll ever be great is to be lowly and to truly be humble, to sit with the small and to offer them His love. In serving children or the elderly or the needy or the lowly we recognize what it truly is to really be great. We understand the heart of Jesus.

It doesn't mean we will not be on the stage with the lights in our eyes, delivering great speeches someday, nor does it mean we won't ever get our writings published in a book. But what it does mean is that when that day comes, if that day comes, we'll approach it with the heart of a servant, including everybody instead of keeping everybody out.

It means that we'll use our position to encourage and to build up others instead of becoming puffed up ourselves. It means we'll truly understand what it means to be great. It is because you are lowly and because I am lowly that when we get in a room trying to prove how great we are, we are only fooling ourselves.

Only God is worthy of honor and praise anyway.

But even so, the Bible says that if we humble ourselves that in due time, He will exalt us. We need not fear being passed over due to the lowliness of our profession. In the fact, being lowly is what will qualify us. The Bible says that God resisteth the proud because that is not His way.

Being proud isn't honest. To be proud is to be a liar and to take credit for that which God has done. I can find no good thing ever written in the scripture about pride. It isn't loving, it isn't helpful and it isn't kind. The root of pride is behind many of life's worst sins and puts you at enmity with God.

Being proud is quite literally of the devil and will never get you to a right standing with God. And that is why I want to aim low.  

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