Not Everyone Is Going To Like You

You can't believe the naysayers, critics and scoundrels who would oppose you. You just can't. And there are several reasons for this.

One is that not everyone is going to like you. No matter your accomplishments or your intentions, someone is going to take fault with you. When Jesus Christ came to this earth, people took offense left and right. Why? Because they felt threatened. And because they loved not the truth. And Because they loved darkness and now that Jesus had come they had no cloak for their sin. The Bible also says that they delivered Jesus up to Pontius Pilate due to envy.

Jesus also said that we would not fare any better in the love department. A servant is not above his master. If they hated our God, we can expect a certain amount of persecution.

Not everyone appreciates the sacred value God has placed on His children either. Not everyone appreciates the gifts that God has given. We life in a country where even the unborn are often discarded on the trash heap of ruin. It should be no surprise when God's people are not viewed with favor either.

Often the Bible says that opposition will come from within your own home. If you're a believer who follows Christ, you may find that things don't always go swimmingly when among your own kin. The Bible says you can expect persecution to come from your own house.

And if you have a dream you can be certain that not everyone will be on board. Joseph's brothers threw him in a pit because, for them, this dream was the last straw in a long line of offenses that he had committed. He has his father's favorite and now was prophesied to have a great future. It was too much and so they sought to destroy him.

Nehemiah was given the task to rebuild the great temple in the city of Jerusalem and his opponents showed up, day by day, to harass him. At one point he told them he could not come down off the wall to talk to them because he was engaged in a great work.

Has any critic ever desired to help the person they're discussing to run a better race? No? Do I hear crickets? That is because Their aim is to distract, belittle, pick apart and to destroy the credibility of their target. It is the highest form of bullying, made worse because it is socially acceptable. The best anyone can hope for is to dust themselves off and to overcome this sort of public attack by becoming better for it. Not exactly the critic's intentions, but good nonetheless.

God desires that we would run our race, not nitpick it to death. Nor analyze it to death. Nor fear it to death. Run. Swiftly and like the wind. Take your eyes off those who oppose you, and who say it can't be done. It is not their race, it's yours. It's been you and God. Realize that not everyone is going to love you but that you need to go out there and get it done anyway. Put your running shoes on and get up on your feet. You've got a race to run.  

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