The False Teacher List

The other day I was reading a list of false teachers on a prominent website. Some names I thought deserved to be there, others, in my opinion, did not. And while the Bible says that we ought to be aware of false teachers in these last days, I sometimes think we misunderstand that they are.

A false teacher is not a person who has made a mistake.

A false teacher is not someone whose methods we don't like.

A false teacher is the unregenerate counterfeit pretender who does not know Christ, and is turned liar for profit. They tend to have the motive of money and power behind what they do. 

Their entire ministry is founded on something other than the power of God and His word. A false teacher is someone who is bound for destruction as it says in 2 Peter 2:1. They are greedy and they are ravenous. Sometimes we accuse dear brothers and sisters in the ministry of being false teachers, thus adding to their burdens. 

It is very important to be versed on proper theological doctrine. It is important to spot fakes and counterfeits. We need to not be led astray with every wind of doctrine as per Ephesians 4:14. I think too there is a need to be careful to not be paranoid, sensing a false teacher hiding beneath every rock and shrubbery.

We need to be careful when pointing out these things of the pride that resides in our own hearts. We need to make sure we're not coming up with with man-made rules by which to judge others.

Our standard must always be biblical.

A band of musicians that I met one time told me how people pick apart their spirituality based on the color lipstick they wore. I have been accused of being not being spiritual enough. Someone once told me that to have musicians come and play would be to make the church a den of thieves.

I have also heard also heard all sorts of accusations leveled at songwriters, most of which grieve my heart. Songwriters these days write theologically unsound lyrics, it is said, and modern music isn't of God. For a long time these comments kept me paralyzed in my calling.

May we be careful not to be so overzealous at catching the bad guys that we throw some of the good guys overboard in the process.  Let us be humble when giving correction to those who are in God's fold who, in their humanity, have simply made an error. Let us be sure to examine the fruit of a ministry before we condemn it. Especially before doing so publicly.

May we put ourselves in the shoes of the person we are talking about and consider how it would feel if that was done to us.

We must be careful even with rooting up the tares. Because in doing so we might root up believers along with them. The Bible also says that temptation lurks at the gate whenever we are in a spirit of correcting one another (Gal 6:1).

May be careful to give our own paths due care as well, lest we fall into temptation, landing us on some Christian's false teacher list. 

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