The Hidden Reason You Fear Your Calling


This is a sensitive subject. Please proceed with caution.

Many of you are afraid of following your calling, but you don't know why that is. I didn't know why I was so afraid of my calling either. Until God showed me what was behind the curtain. 

I've learned that there is a reason many of us are afraid to get out of the boat and follow Jesus boldly. 

Some of you were taught not to make waves and to not speak up. Some of you were taught to always be nice. To some degree or other we have been taught that to be well-behaved women we need to go with the flow and be agreeable. But for some of you this went even deeper.

Depending on your experiences in life, the consequences were implied. For some of you the threats were more direct. I learned early on not to stand out. Except that I couldn't help standing out. And the consequences were brutal.

I faced ostracism.


Bullying and loneliness.

I have been verbally assaulted and accosted on the school bus.

Picked on and called names.

Singled out at the lunchroom and left to my own during sporting games.

I know how it feels to have threats carried out for just being me.

The way God designed me. 

The lesson learned was explicit: don't rock the boat. And so, as I grew older I learned to keep my words and thoughts carefully tucked away and hidden. And though the bullies are gone and the war has grown silent, I still feel held a prisoner to the thoughts and opinions of those around me. 

Because I don't want to be criticized again. Or left out and alone. 

And while my examples may be more severe than most, I think there is some truth there for everyone. Social consequences are understood at a gut level. We understand that we need to move this way and to speak that way in order to keep everything moving along. Step outside of the line and do a different dance and you can expect to raise some eyebrows. We don't want to be thought of as weird. 

But what God is asking us to do is to step outside of the line. Out on the waters. Out of the ordinary. Into the unknown. To test our faith and to stretch us. 

And yet, I find myself slipping so easily into church speak and into wearing the right clothes when others are looking.

I am strongly aware of the need to not stand out. I want to have everyone's approval and I fear what would happen if others turned away. 

I have suffered abuse. Statistically speaking, there are a number of you who have also suffered abuse. Who have lived life under siege and who did not dare state your true thoughts or opinions. 

And if not, I think that most of you still understand the subtle, but strong, social pressure to be a certain way.

But here's the thing: you have an identity. A calling. And a commission.

And I know that some of you are scared.

Scared of making waves.

Scared that if you stand out you will get pummeled.

And the enemy knows this. And the enemy will play on those fears. But you must remember that no weapon formed against you will prosper.

And it's true that if you follow your calling with reckless abandon that you may open yourself to criticism. That others may not like it or respect that you have a calling. It's possible that those comfortable with the status quo may feel challenged. And maybe they're supposed to feel challenged. 

If you think about it, we, as Christians, should always be open to the callings of others because we each have a spiritual gift and were created for a reason. But sadly, God's people are not always so accepting. Not everyone in the Bible was greeted with cheers when they did what God asked of them. We have only one shot in this life. Let's live it honestly and do with it what God would have us to do.  

Having a calling causes you to lay bare all the tenderly jagged things you fear and to place them all before Him. It means being creative in the ways only you can be. It means being honest. And doing it publicly. Which can be unsettling.

What is more unsettling is living your life in fear and sowing the seeds for a harvest of regret.

To have our life be a garden of shriveled up hopes and dreams. To have a talent of gold buried, untouched, in the yard and for the trees in our field to be barren. Imagine opportunities and abilities wasted, as we did not sow them but left them instead to rot. Our untended grass, the weeds of the cares of this life, have choked out the word and have left it to be fruitless. 

And I say, wake up, friends. This is not the harvest we want to be reaping. To avoid this, we need to be sowing seeds in faith and must tending to our roots. We must clear away the weeds and give the water of the word daily. We must be patient and watch as God makes His fruit-bearing trees blossom and give forth their bud. 

There is more at stake than merely being insulted or of not fitting in. There is the issue of accountability and of one day having to give a full report to God. There is the issue of being a faithful steward and of using what God has given us to its full effect.

How are we investing the things which God has given us?

We don't want to be like the one-talent man who buried his money in the ground. We want to be like the man who took what God had given him and invested it well. We want to be the ones whose investments for God have doubled. We want Him to say, 'well done, good and faithful servant'. 

To do that we have to be bold and not worry about the thoughts and opinions of man. To do that we have to be unafraid to follow our calling. 

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Fear has torment. Seek the face of Jesus and ask for boldness to replace fear. When you are baptized with the Holy spirit, there is new boldness that you never experienced before. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.
YES! So many times, I have succumbed to the fears of satan because he wants his way and not God's to be followed. As I age (now 68), I am finally learning that I can stand boldly and be His child in this world. I do not want to deny Him when He calls me to Him. Thank you for encouraging me this day!

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