The Unspoken Message

I've had the unsettling experience lately of trying to figure some things out regarding my 'image'. It isn't unsettling because of the reasons you might think but because of the things I've learned as a result. 

God has been calling me to some new things that are beyond the scope of anything I've ever done before, and I've had to consider how I 'look' to others. I've been learning some things about marketing too. All new stuff to me. And interesting.

So in this process, it's occurred to me that the way in which we react to people is not always based on God's truth as found in the word of God. If it's true for me, it's probably true for you too.

God says you're going to run for office. The voice in your head says, 'who do you think you are?'

God says you're going to start your nonprofit foundation. The voice in your head says, 'they'll never listen to you'.

God says you're going to go help those widows and orphans over there. The voice snarls, 'not you'.

The scary thing is that this voice is sometimes stated by a human being and possibly someone you know. It's because I'm stepping way out of my ordinary that I'm looking at what it is people think I that represent in the first place. You know, what does my label say about me?

And I've looked at some things. Our labels and our exteriors are to represent 'acceptable' roles dictated for us by other people and not by us. And certainly not by God. It's strange really. We're hemmed into a role we don't like and that doesn't fit in order to please people who probably don't really like us. If you want to find out, try this: Step out of your appointed role. When the fur flies, it's an indication that others won't be happy no matter what you do.

I've had to look it over and consider certain things. Do I want to come off this way or that? Do I want to project this image or that? And when others reject the calling that God has on my life, it hurts, but it ultimately doesn't matter. It takes everything most of us have to be willing to step into something the group has decided isn't for us. But why is that so?

Does the group have our best interest at heart or their own? Do they maybe feel threatened? It's funny, but it's like the movies and the t.v. and the clothing manufacturers have put together a package that represents what a (enter your demographic here) is supposed to do. It's maddening, because everyone agrees. 

And worst of all, people will agree that you can only go so far. The voices in your own head may be screaming it as well. 

It is the voice of the men who were once slaves that gave a bad report about the Promised Land, saying the men are like giants, and we are just grasshoppers. It is the people who said the temple cannot be rebuilt. It's those saying we were once slaves, and we will always be slaves. It's the ones saying that greatness is not in our future. And that it's not in yours either. 

But does God agree? Would He ever have called a shepherd boy to be a king or call a stutterer to confront Pharaoh? Would He have ever sent a baby in a manger to one day save us from our sins, or would He have ever allowed a mere man to face the lions' den?

Would He ever have decided the fate of man and the purposes wrought for him from before the foundation of the world if it were really up to the consensus?

You may have to shut out the voices all screaming for attention by stooping down and straining to hear that quiet, still small voice. The voice of reason. The voice of God.

Someday when all is said and done, the people will be gone, and it will just be you up there with your Creator. Do Him proud, and boldly live out your purpose. Live in such a way that you'll hear Him one day say, 'well done, thou good and faithful servant'. 

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This is good stuff, Rosa! And it is why we have to be doubly sure we are tuned in to God's Word and His leading in our lives. For every single decision we make. Lot's to chew on here today! Thanks for sharing your heart so openly!

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