This Is More Important Than What You Do On Halloween

It's that time of year. Soon Jack-O' Lanterns and costumed kids will be strolling down the lane, threatening a trick in order to get a treat. Soon Christians will be defending one set of responses to Halloween, while attacking another.

Sometimes it makes me want to turn my eyes away.

Despite what you've heard, Halloween is not the devil's day. It is the day the Lord has made, and we shall be glad and rejoice in it. It is not a day to fear. And furthermore, what you do on Halloween isn't important.

It's what you do everyday that matters.

The fuss over Halloween is symptomatic of a larger problem: the fact that we need to follow Jesus everyday. There exists a solemn desire to have rules made up for us instead of doing the hard work of following Jesus day by day. This is because it is supremely harder to get up in the morning and say to God, what do you have for me today, than it is to follow a set of guidelines.

And that's where we falter.

You see, if God has told one person that dressing up is okay, then there need be no further discussion. If God tells another to be a light to the community, handing out gospel tracks, then he or she must do that. If another is to avoid it altogether, then we ought not ridicule that person.

Halloween has a wild and varied past, with it having been considered All Hallow's Eve by the church and with it being considered a high holy day to some occultists. I would never deny that acts of evil take place on Halloween. My own experience is one of having come out of the world and its ugliness.

The point here is that we all have different experiences and a different idea of what the days means to us. Instead of joining the yearly discussion this year, let's do something different. Let us endeavor to read our Bible and join with God in prayer everyday. Let us get so used to following the Spirit's whispers that we don't need to question what we are to do on Halloween or on any other day of the year.

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