When The World Is Too Disgusting

I can't take it anymore. The way we treat each other is appalling. Black, white, male, female, it's disgusting. Everyday people post videos of police brutality and of abortion footage and it makes my stomach turn. How do I reconcile this with the admonition in Philippians 4:8 to think about whatever is lovely, noble and true?

How do I do this and seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with my God?

The way we treat each other makes me sick. I can't process it anymore. But I also do not want to be ignorant. I don't want to pretend the world isn't as it is. How can I find a holy balance?

How can you?

I find in the scriptures that God is the One who will repay evil and violence. But He is also the One who sent His Son to die for this heaving mass of wretched humanity. He is the one One who extends to each one the choice. The choice to repent and to accept Jesus's payment on the cross for what we have done, or the choice to reject it and spend an eternity in hell.

It's our choice. It's everyone's choice.

It's the choice of the abortionist as to whether or not to come to Jesus or to be judged for the way she ripped little baby body parts apart, limb by limb.

It's the choice of the crooked police man as to whether to continue in his ways or whether to be reconciled to the Father.

It's the choice of those who break the law and who run with gangs as to whether to persist or to accept Christ's sacrifice.

It's everyone's choice.

It's your choice.

It's my choice.

And while I can't look on and pretend that evil is not happening, I don't have to dwell on it. I don't have to judge it. That's God's job. It is my job to be well-informed in order to seek justice for those who cannot do it on their own. It's my job to be honest.

And it's hard to be brave and to say what must be said. The forces of evil have run rampant since the fall of Adam and it's hard for truth to make a stand. But truth will stand. The truth must stand. Truth must be shouted forth from the rooftops, otherwise we do the unborn a disservice. If we will look away from their plight we do not protect them, but do collude with their oppressors. I implore you, church, to never let that be the case.

Never let us stand by as our black brothers and sisters are oppressed in their communities. Never let us turn away from the police officers who do not oppress, but who are just doing their job. Let us embrace a truth that seeks justice, but that also points others to the cross. Let us not hide our heads in the sand, hoping for the return of a 1950's Normal Rockwell society that never existed in the first place. Let us be love with boots on. Let us be peacemakers of the cross.

We don't have to stare evil right in the face to stand with each other. We don't have to dwell on what is wrong to be a light. Perhaps we can dwell on the noble, the lovely and the true, by focusing on Jesus. Because He is all those things. And in doing so He can be the solution to all who are hurting in this messed-up world today.

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Yes, He is the answer for all who are hurting. It's hard to see evil magnified, but God give us hope. Thank you for sharing that hope in your post! So encouraging! I'm following you from last week's post on Kelly's blog. Sorry I'm so late in reading it and commenting. Great words. Keep sharing them! Blessings!

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